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Why Prequalification of Contractors is Essential

Why Eikcon use Taskflo for contractor pre-qualification and compliance?

Contractors are an important aspect of facility and strata title property management. Contractors play a critical role in assuring the safety and upkeep of buildings and infrastructure, from major repairs to day-to-day maintenance. However, as a manager, using contractors does not free you of your responsibilities under Occupational Health and Safety legislation. The usage of contractors may even increase the hazards to your business.

Contract workers must be certified, licenced, and insured for the work they are engaged to do, as well as properly inducted in accordance with the safety rules and standards of your site.

Contractor Risk

Engaging contractors to provide services for a business involves a certain amount of risk. You must have trust not just in their ability to complete the work successfully but have confidence this is a legitimate business with all their employees operating safely and professionally. Many businesses will use the same contractors frequently to verify their compliance and feel assured they understand the health and safety regulations of that facility.

However, regular contractors are not always available, so it is necessary to expand from time to time to fill the gaps. ‘How can we be certain that new contractors understand what they’re doing?’ ‘How can you be certain that they will follow workplace health and safety protocols and best practices?’ The solution is to choose a service that provides full contractor prequalification.

Why is prequalification of contractors required?

Contractor prequalification eliminates the inherent risks of outsourcing, reduces disruptions due to injuries and accidents, and ensures safe operations. Incorporating a prequalification procedure into your business should be one of the first steps in establishing a long-term and comprehensive safety culture. If you prequalify your contractors, you will avoid the bad ones, hire the good ones, and be safer as a consequence.

As a strata or facilities manager, you have a legal obligation to guarantee that your workplace protects the health, safety, and welfare of your employees and the public. When you directly hire employees, you can provide them with inductions and training programmes to ensure they understand corporate policies and procedures. Contract employees, on the other hand, introduce new hazards due to differences in procedures and standards.

To reduce this risk, a company can prequalify contractors by checking that they have the proper insurances, licences, safe work practices, and legal registrations before hiring them.

However, in-house contractor prequalification can be time-consuming and costly. This not only burdens teams with significant ongoing administrative work, but it also makes it difficult to continually verify and track contractors’ Occupational Health and Safety documentation, as well as stay current with changes in legislation and best industry practices.

Additionally, document security requirements for the protection of sensitive and confidential information that is collected must be considered. Where are you storing this data? Is it in a secure environment or simply on a spreadsheet? Taskflo enables organisations to outsource these responsibilities with confidence and have them handled in a consistent, comprehensive, and coordinated manner. The Taskflo Prequalification software can also be integrated with other programmes used by a business, resulting in a comprehensive solution.

Why do businesses rely on Taskflo to prequalify contractors?

Taskflo is the most comprehensive contractor safety management and prequalification solution on the Australian market today.

Taskflo utilises a team of highly experienced Assessors with extensive operational experience in a variety of industries, with a focus on knowledge and compliance. The Taskflo Support Team is wholly based in Australia, providing Taskflo users with platform experience and local knowledge.

Contractors also value Taskflo prequalification, which they may promote on their websites, collateral, and social media. It offers them and their clients confidence that the work will be performed safely and legally.

The Taskflo contractor verification programme includes the following features:

  • Real-time verification of all contractors

  • Verification of contractor licences

  • Verification of public and/or product liability insurance

  • Verification of professional indemnity insurance

  • Verification of workers’ compensation insurance

  • ABN tracking and verification

  • GST tracking and verification

  • Document monitoring and verification in real-time time

  • On-the-spot compliance monitoring and verification

  • Same day contractor on-boarding and verification

  • Verification of contractor capability profiles

  • Verification of employees and subcontractors

  • Verification of contractor banking information

  • Verification of contractor compliance systems

  • Verification of WHS procedures and requirements

  • ISO45001:2018 or SafetyMap audit compliance

  • Live desktop WHS application audits

  • Evaluation and verification of contractor compliance

No other contractor compliance solution on the market can compete with Taskflo in terms of comprehensiveness, providing users with peace of mind.

Prequalification of contractors is crucial for businesses that engage contractors. It is not a choice but a neccessity.

Contractor Verified – powered by Taskflo alleviates the administrative load associated with handling contractor prequalification. We onboard your contractors to ensure they have all the appropriate licences, insurances, and ABN and GST registration required by the Australian government. You can be confident that contractors are working safely on the job.

Businesses can also use the Contractor Verified marketplace to engage competent contractors who are available for work.

This is very convenient.

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