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Why Eikcon uses contractors who are…Contractor Verified

Contractor prequalification is critical for our business because we hire contractors.

Contractor Verified relieves the administrative burden of managing contractor prequalification. Taskflo onboard our contractors to ensure they have the necessary licences, insurances, and ABN and GST registration required by the Australian Government.

Contractor Verified covers the following:

  • All contractors are verified in real time

  • Contractor license verification

  • Public and/or product liability insurance verification

  • Professional indemnity insurance verification

  • Workers compensation insurance verification

  • ABN monitoring and verification

  • GST monitoring and verification

  • Live document monitoring and verification

  • Live compliance monitoring and verification

  • Same day contractor on-boarding and verification

  • Contractor capability profile verification

  • Employee and subcontractor verification

  • Contractor banking details verification

  • Contractor compliance systems verification

  • WHS procedures and requirements verification

  • Audit compliance to ISO45001:2018 or SafetyMap

  • Live desktop WHS application audits

  • Assess and verify contractor’s compliance

Eikcon values risk and compliance of contractors and only use Taskfo, a professional, intelligent, extensive verification program to manage all our contractor compliance needs. Put simply, Taskflo are the most comprehensive solution in the Australian market today.

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