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Transform your Portfolio with Eikcon Construct

Eikcon Construct is Eikcon's comprehensive construction management service that oversees all aspects of a project's design and build, from concept to completion.

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What is Eikcon?

Eikcon is a comprehensive facilities management and construction solutions provider that offers a wide range of services to enhance the value of your assets.


The Eikcon Group consists of 5 integrated business units:

  • Construct - Construction Management

Eikcon Construct is Eikcon's comprehensive construction management service that oversees all aspects of a project's design and build, from concept to completion.

  • Fit-Out - Fit-Out and Interiors

Eikcon's fit-out service ensures that your space is transformed into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that aligns with your business needs and goals.

  • Manage - Integrated Facilities Management

Eikcon's integrated facilities management service ensures that your facility is effectively managed and maintained to provide a safe, comfortable, and productive environment for your employees and visitors.

  • Maintain - Facilities Services

Eikcon's facilities services include a comprehensive range of maintenance solutions that ensure your facility operates at peak performance and efficiency, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

  • Refurbish - Refurbishment and Remediation

Eikcon's refurbishment service provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution for transforming and upgrading your existing space, improving its functionality, and extending its lifespan.

At Eikcon, we are committed to delivering top-quality solutions that exceed your expectations and help you achieve your business goals.

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Why Eikcon?

We offer a comprehensive range of facilities management and construction solutions to help clients optimise their portfolios and achieve their business goals. With our five core services - integrated facilities management, facilities services, fit-out and interiors, construction management, and refurbishment and remediation - we provide end-to-end solutions for the entire lifecycle of a facility, all under one service partner.

At Eikcon, we leverage the latest technologies and employ standard operating procedures (SOPs) to deliver top-quality services to our clients. Our team of experts has the experience and skills needed to manage all aspects of a project, from design to construction to maintenance and refurbishment.

The benefits of working with Eikcon are clear. By partnering with us, clients can streamline their operations, improve their efficiency, and optimise their portfolio to achieve their business objectives. With our comprehensive range of services and expertise in all areas of facilities management and construction, clients can trust that their projects will be completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget.


About us

Founded in 2015, Eikcon provides integrated services nationally.

We are committed to continuous improvement, process innovation and technology to advance our goal of achieving the utmost value for our clients and service partners.

Our vision is to partner and deliver transparency, accountability and value in all engagements and this is built into our DNA.

Our mantra is “Success Through Innovation”. Our approach to achieve successful outcomes which define and develop the best strategies required to address the ever-changing business challenges our clients experience on a daily basis.

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