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A national services company specialising in facilities services and fit-out and construction



Eikcon Services is an innovative, transparent and truly national services company


Built to deliver quality focused end to end solutions for all commercial projects big or small.


Eikcon was developed to connect proven processes, advanced technology, robust compliance and verification process to deliver transparent, safe and effective services to our clients.

Founded in 2015, Eikcon provides all forms of facilities services and fit-out and construction services nationally. We operate a business model called Eikconex™ that combines process, technology, compliance, direct engagement and transparency.

The Eikconex™ model is achieved by implementing proven processes and automating workflow and contractor management. Developing technology that is highly scalable, adaptable and easy to use. Compliance that promotes stringent verification, comprehensive on-boarding and real-time compliance monitoring. We engage all contractors direct and support social procurement practices. We operate nationally by leveraging our network of over 12,000 verified contractors. We live and breathe transparency by partnering with our clients to drive value and accountability in all engagements.

Eikcon developed and operate a fully integrated operations and compliance cloud software solution, that is backed by a fully integrated and compliant HSEQ System. Our System is fully complaint to ISO45001: Occupational Health & Safety Management, ISO140011:2004 Environmental Management and ISO9001:2015 Quality Management.


Our vision at Eikcon 

To deliver value, transparency and accountability in all engagements. We provide innovative solutions that drive continuous improvement, value driven results and increase return on investment. 

Eikcon has value, transparency and partnering built into its DNA! Eikcon leads by example, we love partnering with clients that share our values and principles. Our approach is paramount to ensuring sustained success for all our clients and their end customers. 

Our Commitment
We are committed to understanding our clients business goals and desired outcomes, we partner to help identify problems and risks. We diagnose and design suitable solutions that are tactically executed, implemented and monitored daily to ensure successful outcomes are delivered. 

Success Through Innovation
Our mantra is “Success Through Innovation”. Our approach to achieve successful outcomes helps define and develop the best strategies required to address changing business challenges our clients experience on a daily basis. 


Working in collaboration to build a better future!


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Tel:  1300850837

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